Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Make Your Own Rockstar!

Go to to make your own paper doll rockstar. As you can see here I've made a little punk rock dude that I can print out and make my office a little cooler. Just click on the rock fashion button on the website and make your own.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rock and Roll Exhibit Opening

Our boss Dan, the Museum Director, getting geared up for the opening.

As you can see, he is a pretty cool boss. He also keeps a stash of M&Ms on his desk for all of us. Apparently in the week before the exhibit opening we can go through approximately 13 pounds of them. Chocolate and caffeine is what keeps us going.

Benj and Jason, two of our education types, became bouncers for the Green Room for the evening. All it takes is a shirt, some muscle, and a lot of attitude. They are usually dressed up as military men, so they have the stance down. You might notice that Benj is a little sad we wouldn't let him carry any of his weapons.

Just some of the ladies of the museum staff trying out the photo op before the masses arrived. This set-up took me hours to perfect, so I am pretty glad we have had so many people take advantage of it. Especially with the costumes. Note the sweet sunglasses I am wearing...almost enough to make me want to become a Trekkie.

Wayne Coyne, Scott Booker and Dennis Coyne, the frontman of Stardeath and the White Dwarf, checking out the Flaming Lips panels for the first time. Wayne loved seeing his old Long John's uniform and Martian suit in a museum case, and I am sure the larger-than-life size pictures were pretty fun to see as well. Shortly after this I finally got a picture with Wayne in front of one of the cases I helped put together. I was just a tad giddy.

At the public opening on Saturday, 14 bands played on 2 stages (all the outdoor activities had to move inside because of the rain :( ) Th one cancellation ended up being filled by Chickasha's own Debris. I wrote about them earlier, but it was so cool to see some of the original punk rockers of Oklahoma jam out. And yes, part of their stage set is actually debris they have scavenged. Pretty cool guys. And loud, oh so very loud.

Some other highlights from the opening for me:
*Finishing the exhibit in time to get dressed for the opening
*The multitude of History Center staff in the women's bathroom getting into costume
*Sitting in the green room with Wanda Jackson stuffing Lorrie Collins' skirt under her belt
*Being a roadie and loading and unloading band equipment all day Saturday
*Temporary tattoos!
*Seeing the History Center transformed into an industry party