Thursday, November 6, 2008

The plans they are a coming...

The Rock and Roll Exhibit team met today to finalize some major plans for the exhibit.

We have several more bands that we are setting up interview times for, ranging from the Flaming Lips to The Evangelicals. We are also trying to set up dates at record stores and funky locations for All-Call Fan Confessionals. Hopefully everyone will come out these and get their rock experiences on film! The footage will be used in the exhibit, and so will what people have to say. For example, we will be asking what your room looked like while you were growing up...did you plaster it with band posters, have fan shirts draped over every surface, or sleep with a transistor radio by your ear like my bosses did? We want to know!!

Then we walked through the gallery space to see where and what was going in. I am super pumped that so much of what we are putting in coincides with existing gallery themes and objects. With just a bit of finangling and lots of added attitude we are going to have a killer exhibit.

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