Friday, February 6, 2009


Everything has been a little hectic around here, which is part of the reason we are now going to have weekly meetings for everyone working on the exhibit to share what they are working on. Lots of different people working on lots of different parts--there is a lot of Rock and Roll history in Oklahoma to delve into.

We have divided the exhibit into many sections that will be in various places throughout the museum galleries. We will cover Rockabilly, Radio Stations and Recording Studios, The Scene, Fashion and hairstyles, Soul and Funk, Venues, and any number of Oklahoma Artists. The links are just a small teaser of what we will be covering.

Today we met with a graphic designer to create some edgy background graphics for all the panels. Our exhibit will be literally like nothing you have ever seen before. No boring panels that look all the same in our exhibit. Nope. We will have specially designed, pure rock energy pulsing from the boards. You just wait and see.

We are still looking for artifacts, so if you have tickets from rare shows, all access passes, band t-shirts or anything else that might be museum-worthy, please e-mail with a brief description. Who knows, you might end up with your own collection in our archives!!!

Also, I am still looking for pictures of you and your Oklahoma band or pics you took at rock venues and shows in Oklahoma. E-mail those to as well and they will be included in a slide-show in the exhibit itself. After all, fans and their experiences are a huge part of rock and roll!

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Stu said...

I'm looking forward to the soul & funk part the most. From what I hear the music is incredible. Good luck guys.